#StreetKeepers Capture the Raw San Antonio

Originally published on September 10, 2013 (Rivard Report)

Photo by Blue Hernandez.
Photo by Blue Hernandez.

Blue Hernandez is a purist who makes the ordinary extraordinary. He is a street photographer.

Hernandez is one of many young bloods taking to the streets with digital cameras, capturing constantly changing cityscapes. It’s a trend in all of the major cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City, and Chicago. And now it is crossing the country into San Antonio.

Every month, Hernandez sets out with a few other photographers to capture images of the urban core. The dates and times of the street-meet, now dubbed StreetKeepers, vary because the group wants everyone to be able to participate.

“Your own personal skill level as a photographer doesn’t matter to us,” Hernandez said. “For us, it is just about coming out and having fun.”

On one particular afternoon in November, when the cold drizzle scared away most pedestrians and tourists from the urban core, I met with Hernandez and his band of photographers. I half expected the session to be canceled because of the temperature and the tiny droplets of water beating down on the photographers and their lenses, but it rains in the street, and gritty realism demands that it be photographed.